Embrace the dream, any far can be reached
Embrace the dream, any far can be reached
Jeffrey Yu

Choosing Schools

I care a lot about the environment of the campus (and why I choose VMA). When I went to JHU high school in the first summer of high school, although I made good friends and experienced college studies, life in Baltimore and summer school did not reach my expectations of free and diversified life in college. When summer school was over, I dropped in on the campus with a trip to California in mind. To my surprise, the whole campus atmosphere of the California school immediately impressed me. Compared to the classical academic atmosphere of the vines and red bricks on the east coast, the sunshine lawn on the west coast attracts me more to the vibrant campus - this is where I want to be. When you come to campus tour at UCLA (be sure to sign up for this when visiting schools!) Warmly introducing the four wonderful libraries, the quarter elective courses, and the seniors at the Lakers training place in LA, I immediately realized that the student life here is so full and happy. Last year when I went to Irvine to take the SAT, I went back to visit UCLA again.


(UCLA, picture taken during school visit)

Eager to go to school in California, I have been thinking about UC since the beginning of my application, and I didn't even pay much attention to ED's application (don't follow me). When I saw that almost everyone applied for UC, I was worried about how to be selected from so many people. Fortunately, the school I like also likes me. Two weeks ago, as soon as I saw a message from my teacher (I never got up so fast), I opened UCLA portal and saw the blue line "You're #UCLA Bound", I jumped excitedly from the bedroom to the living room, stunned by my father who was watching TV. Looking back on it now, it may have paid off.


Application Essays

I write about what it means to me to be rational and emotional in acting an unscripted scene. As a rational thinker studying computer science and environmental science, I used acting as a novel topic of interest to explore his different emotional and intuitive side. VMA’s theater class was also the inspiration for my acting interest (highly recommended). From “Perhaps acting is an intuitive art, but I'm a rational guy”, to “I once prioritizing logic until empowered me in meaningful ways”, my essay not only demonstrates personal growth outside the comfort zone on an issue at hand but also deep thinking on reflection.

The application of UC requires four essays. I added the main essay to the other three: my environmental protection idea, scientific research, and prefects. My essays overall show my interest and development in all aspects. It is important to keep in mind that personal character and ideas are highlighted in essays, not that the score that has already been reflected in the academic height.




In the first year of high school, I felt very fresh when I entered VMA, as if I had opened the door to a new world, so I participated in many activities: CTB, science and innovation club, Model United Nations, FRC, ambassador group, etc. But more is not always better, and many activities do not yield good results. So in my second year of high school, I decided to change the activity from "quantity" to "quality" in addition to paying more attention to Standardized Exams and AP classes (especially AP seminars). I participated in Academic Activities such as Pioneer Academics where I studied data prediction analysis with the NYU professor and wrote a research paper, and with Rutgers University professor Huang, we experimented on the aggregation of soot nanoparticles in sweat at the Guangdong Institute of ecology and environment. The activities in the school focus on upperclassmen, HiMCM modeling and tennis varsity. When the focus is on "quality," doing it professionally and in a planned way, the results will be more valuable.


(measuring zeta potential of soot nanoparticles with my partner)

Wrapping Up

The reason why I gave up the national college entrance examination and went to study in the United States from the very beginning is that I think American universities have seen the all-round development of everyone in the three years of high school, instead of just one exceptional college entrance examination. Every quiz, every activity, every little idea in the paper, will be recorded. Admission is not metaphysics, because the rationality of who should be admitted or rejected cannot be judged by the index a student possessed. What is examined is the "person" formed by one's efforts and growth accumulated from every day.

"Hard work always brings luck." This is a quote from my idol Winnie Zhang. Good luck seems to come from above and seems to contradict the two words "hard work", but I think only a person who has made a serious effort will notice every piece of good luck and catch it. Every time I think about it, I always remind myself to continue your modest efforts. I am very grateful for coming to VMA, and I am very grateful to all my classmates, friends and teachers for their help to me, and together we can step into the bright future!


Comments from Counselors

Jeffrey has discovered one of the important facts of university applications: quality is better than quantity. As he chose to narrow his activities and go deeper into the ones he chose, he allowed his ability to focus and concentrate on a few things to be seen by the Admission Officers of the schools he chose to apply to. This is a strategy that is almost always a wise decision as it demonstrates some unique qualities that set a student apart from others. Of course, his strong SAT score and great GPA didn’t hurt, either.  

Next, Jeffrey precisely and clearly tells the essential functions of essay and its relationship to academic achievements, which is to reflect the nature, ideology, and gene for a student's success. In addition, the key for what admissions office look for - the person who you are and how you become such a person with small steps and accumulations every day.

Also, Jeffrey has clearly had his sights set on universities in California for a while. With UCLA and University of Southern California both offering admission to him, he has some great California options, among other fantastic offers in other parts of the USA. I believe he feels ready for the next chapter of his life, and we at the CCO wish him all the best success for his college years!

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