A Letter to Students
To current and future members of the VMAA family

What makes an artist? At Vanke Meisha Arts Academy, we believe that the central role of an artist is and always has been to serve as a communicator. Artists must at the same time share our innermost identities with the world and act as stewards of our culture.


Nestled in Dameisha cove, VMAA provides the exceptional resources and teaching to help music and visual art students become the artists of tomorrow. We cultivate students whose craft is always driven by their dynamic artistic vision.


Through careful curricular design, excellent teaching, and a collaborative atmosphere, VMAA cultivates an environment based on teamwork. As students at VMAA, you have the opportunity to plan your own recitals, working with others in group classes, and sharing your creations with your peers. Central to our music program is the study and performance of chamber music, and central to our visual courses are group critiques.


Our core belief is that students are best served by developing their academic abilities in tandem with their professional interests. Within our departments, students learn how to research great artists and composers of the past and incorporate what lessons they learn into their own creation. All members of the VMAA community, including students, parents, and friends, share in an active cultural life of monthly concerts and exhibitions guided by the excellent faculty at VMAA.


The demands on today’s artists are not limited to technical proficiency. We must be innovators and advocates for the importance of excellent fine arts in our rapidly changing world. With the many resources available to them here, our students become independent and original thinkers, bringing an academic curiosity to their art that will help them succeed in top international programs and throughout their professional life.


Warmest wishes.


Vanke Meisha Arts Academy

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