1. We will provide an environment for the holistic development of students that supports them in their pursuit of lifelong physical activities and one that promotes the highest levels of athletic and academic learning.


2. We will develop values in students that foster leadership, self-discipline, teamwork, personal and civic responsibility, integrity, dignity, and sportsmanship while maintaining their Chinese cultural identity.


3. We will achieve these goals by providing opportunities for students to engage in highly structured recreational and competitive sports in local, national, and international sports competitions.


1. To create a safe, challenging, and supportive learning environment where students can pursue and develop their full potential in physical education and in recreational and competitive sports


2. To prepare students to be responsible global citizens through their conduct as students and as athletes

3. To prepare student athletes for eligible participation in sports in colleges and universities

Values and Guiding Principles

Values and Guiding Principles

1. Consistent with the broader vision and mission of Vanke Meisha Academy the physical education and sports program compliment the students’ pursuit of academic excellence, creativity, cultural diversity, global citizenship, and leadership with a championship sports program. 


2. The physical education and sports administrative leadership team creates a program with a commitment to reflecting the interests of the student body, the needs of our internal and external stakeholders, and the ethical practices of our school. 


3. Our physical education and sports program successes are measured by student involvement, student conduct, student surveys, competition results, and college eligibility as it relates to sports. 


4. The basic premise is that our physical education and sports program enriches the student experience and positively contribute and add value to the VMA school community.    


5. The love of movement is a major social force that has the potential to dramatically influence and shape the quality and character of cultures and can be accomplished through an exemplary physical education and sports program.


6. We maintain a high degree of support and involvement from all stakeholders in our sports program that includes school administration, students, faculty, staff, alumni, guests, and visitors.


7. We value and maintain professionalism, the spirit of collaboration, teamwork, excellent communication, leadership, and strong ethical values and high standards for general conduct.


8. The health, safety, and well-being of each participant in our sports program is highly valued and closely adhered to.


9. The practice of ongoing formative assessment and evaluation ensures that the physical education and sports administrative leadership team remains current in their practices, responds, and adapts to the ever-changing physical education and sports culture environment.


10. Competent and qualified teachers and staff with a professional and dedicated approach to task completion, high levels of energy, enthusiasm and creativity provide physical education and sports program stability and continuity.


11. Administrative leadership in the physical education and sports program is visionary, inclusive, decisive, and motivating.

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