Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

Achieving perfection in the three programs of Sino-US integrated curriculum, Sino- UK integrated curriculum and VMAA curriculum is the premise and foundation for ensuring the academic excellence of VMA. The US Track curriculum consists of four levels: Basic course, Honors program, Advanced Placement program (AP) and Post AP courses (University Level Project Research). The UK Track curriculum consists of regular courses (including Chinese national compulsory courses and IGCSE courses) and A-Level courses (divided into AS and A2 levels); Vanke Meisha Arts Academy focuses on art training while taking into account academic courses (50% academic courses +50% art courses), ensuring the dual quality of academic and artistic learning.Shenzhen as it is often considered one of the centers for world innovation.  


If a career in a science-related field is aligned with a student’s future plans, they can elect to enroll in our STEAM Diploma program. This program immerses students in classes that expand on concepts covered in our compulsory offerings while allowing students the flexibility to creatively explore their own sense of innovation and research. This program is a natural fit for Shenzhen as it is often considered one of the centers for world innovation.  


VMA truly is a place where “successful creation leads to success.” Come create your future at VMA!

Curriculum Overview


Course Features


1. Widely Recognized around the World

VMA is a private school authorized by the Shenzhen Education Bureau and is qualified to conduct high school international education. Accredited by the American College Board, VMA offers 25 AP courses (Advanced Placement Program®). In addition, it has been authorized by the Cambridge International Examinations Board and to offer Cambridge courses. Furthermore, VMA was accredited by the Western Association of Colleges and Universities (WASC)* in 2018 and has become the first fully-accredited WASC high school in Shenzhen that accepts Chinese students.


*As one of the six major regional accreditation organizations in the United States, WASC (Western Association of Colleges and Universities) enjoys a high reputation in the field of education in the United States and the world. It has a close relationship with the International School Office of the US State Department and provides educational support to schools worldwide. WASC not only certifies public and private schools, but also certifies top universities such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, and UCLA.


2. Focus on the Development of 21st Century Skills

From its curriculum setting to its teaching methods, VMA places great emphasis on 21st century skills: critical thinking, creative thinking, cooperation, and communication. Classes are taught in small groups, with each class consisting of no more than 25 students. VMA advocates teachers to practice a project-based learning teaching methodology, implement a student-centered philosophy, and encouraging students to learn by doing.


3. Solid Academic Foundation

G10 students are offered the Chinese national curriculum and are provided a bilingual education. In this way, students can foster their ability to learn subjects in English one step at a time.

Curriculum Features

4. Chinese Cultural Heritage

VMA adopts Shenzhen Middle School’s practices for running a school and offers high-quality Chinese national curriculum courses. By bringing into play the advantages of Chinese traditional education, VMA offers courses in Chinese, Chinese history and culture, and Chinese philosophy studies to help students achieve deeper understanding of Chinese philosophy and culture, as these are increasingly recognized around the world.

In addition, VMA has a traditional Chinese cultural center, offering traditional handicraft courses (tie-dyeing, ceramics, and woodcraft), tea ceremony courses, festival courses, calligraphy and Chinese painting courses, Chinese martial arts courses, paper art and traditional costume-making courses, and more.


5. High-Level English Achievements

VMA attaches great importance to cultivating students’ English language ability. 40 credits in English are required for graduation. In response to the needs of different students, VMA offers nearly 20 academically rigorous courses in addition to regular courses and English honors, including AP English, Critical Writing, Academic Writing, English Speaking, English Debate, English Drama, and more.


6. High-Level Academic Challenges

VMA focuses on cultivating students’ academic research capabilities. The difficulty levels of courses at VMA are as follows: Regular Courses, Honor Courses, AP Courses, and Post AP Courses. Students must pass certain evaluations and be recommended by certain subject teachers before being admitted to a high-level course so as to ensure that they are capable of completing the required course of study.

Curriculum Features2

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