2024 VMA Science Fair
Mar 03 2024

Inspired with the theme,”Science for a sustainable future”, the Science Department embarked on its first VMA Science Fair on May 27-30, 2024. This event is a culmination of the year-long inquiry-based learning happening in science classes. VMA aims to foster a deep understanding and appreciation of the natural world through inquiry-based learning. It is committed to cultivating a vibrant educational environment where students are encouraged to ask questions, think critically, and engage in hands-on scientific exploration.

As such, several activities were launched to promote and celebrate the scientific culture at school. The major event was the Research Exhibits that showcased more than 150 researches in Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics,and Mathematics.  Added to these are the Maker and Design Thinking display of STEAM and the digital artworks of students in Visual Arts. The exhibit itself featured different ways students could hone and show their scientific literary - in investigations, art, mathematics and intelligent design.


For four days students, faculty, guests and parents went around different exhibits and witnessed varied works - from coffee experiment, shampoo production, material strength analysis, solar panels and energy generation by windmill. There were so many topics investigated! Outstanding research, along with others qualified, may be sent to participate in the Yantian Science Fair sometime at the end of the year. In the past, VMA has won several awards in this fair.




There were also sidelines to the fair, including an Argumentative Speaking Competition where students debated on the pros and cons of genetic modification to humanity and  an on-the-spot poster making competiiton on mitigating climate change. Two respectable scientists also gave lectures on Gene Therapy and biotechnology, and air pollution and Green Chemistry, respectively.



Another two events, an essay writing competiton and problem-based learning competition are slated to happen in August in the next academic year.


The Fair was capped with the awarding of prizes to winners, and a science quiz that tested student’s intellect in a fun and creative way.

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